Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The Com Before the Org

Just because the foundations of democracy are being subverted doesn’t mean you can’t make a few bucks on the side. Take, a site whose primary purpose seems to be to confuse people who are really looking for

The .org site contains an impressive collection of data concerning voter fraud and voting machines, and is run by two former members of David Dill’s Verified Voting group. You’ll also find a useful collection of links to sites with information about voting machines and possible voter fraud in one of its forums.

The .com site has virtually no content, is littered with pop-up ads, and is clearly shilling for donations to its owner, Edward S. Leon of Tarpon Springs, Florida. Hence this semi-literate note on the Donations page:

“…To make this possible we need your support to for [sic] our daily press releases and to maintain this site. …To keep up with daily press releases we need to raise at least $250 a day. So we ask each of you who are interested in continuing these efforts to make a donation between $1 to $500 by clicking the paypal link above.”

(By “daily press releases” he means three since last June.) Two days ago the site initiated a “nationwide recount” by posting a survey where you could pick Kerry or Bush. His stated goal is to get 100 million votes by January. So far, 316 people have voted, and Kerry is winning 85% to 15%. That’s good enough for me—let’s march on Washington.


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