Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Rhymes With Loonie

Only a paper owned by Moonies would publish a screed by Ohio Secretary of State and Kathryn Harris Wannabee Kenneth Blackwell, titled “How Ohio Pulled it Off.” (And no, he’s not talking about how the GOP managed to steal the election—at least, not intentionally.) The November 17 Op/Ed in the Washington Times wallowed in self-glorification and half-baked statements like this one:

“As our nation moves forward, adopting more modern tools to manage voter lists, register voters, and cast and count votes, let's remember that at the center of the system are people — not software and hardware.”

Especially when the people are corrupt. This comes from a guy who a) tried to invalidate thousands of voter registrations because they were printed on the wrong paper stock, b) forbid provisional ballots from being counted if they were cast in the wrong precinct, c) provided generous numbers of voting machines in conservative suburban districts but suspiciously few near colleges and urban centers, and d) supported the use of Republican “challengers” to intimidate voters.

However, Mr. Blackwell modestly omitted one of his finer accomplishments: He stopped the dragons who live at the edge of the earth from devouring Cleveland.


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