Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Dead Ducks & Big Bucks

Will there be a recount in Ohio? So far the answer appears to be yes, if Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell and his crew of electonistas ever finish the first count. But according to MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann, the first rumors of a Republican suit to halt the recount have started to surface.

Meanwhile Olbermann also reports that the Kerry campaign issued a press release saying it had (finally) “joined” the recount efforts in Ohio, only to issue another release a few hours later saying that it is merely “participating in” the recount. A typically resolute maneuver from Mr. I Shoot Small Animals But Don’t Want to Be Seen Carrying A Dead One.

Memo to the Kerry Kamp: You Lost. Maybe not fairly, but… Teresa ain’t out shopping for new curtains for the Lincoln bedroom. So, by definition, you have NOTHING TO LOSE. Surely Kerry couldn’t be delusional enough to think he’s the frontrunner for 2008 (assuming we still have an elected government by then). The last major party candidate to run after a loss was Nixon in ‘68. The last Demo to get a second shot at the Big Chair was Adlai Stevenson. You guys squirreled away $15 million on post-election lawyering. Time to spend it.


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