Monday, May 23, 2005


Is your political process cluttered with free speech? Are pesky senators keeping you from achieving your extremist right-wing agenda?

Nuke them with Fristco’s New Filibuster-Buster!™

It beats, it cleans, it sweeps democracy out of tight corners. The Filibuster-Buster!’s patented steam-roller action flattens opposition as it goes. Just select the Nuclear Option: In just a few minutes, you’ll have a sparkling clean legislature free from any semblance of two-party rule.

Act now, and you’ll receive for absolutely no charge a special ear attachment that sucks unwanted brain cells from your skull. A $49 value!

You’ll also get the 2005 edition of the Official Republican Bible. The ORB has been carefully edited to remove the bits about loving thy neighbor and not sitting in judgment, while expanding the sections where you get to tell other people how to live.

Here’s what satisfied customers have to say about the Filibuster-Buster! ™

“With the Filibuster-Buster! we can finally say Sayonara to environmental protections, worker’s rights, and product liability laws that get in the way of corporate profits.” -- Janice Rogers, future Supreme Court nominee

“Now we can control how everyone has sex. Thank you, Filibuster-Buster!” -- Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council and author of the hit song, “This Womb is Your Womb, Your Womb Is Our Womb.”

“If they’d had the Filibuster-Buster! ten years ago, I’d still be tenaciously clinging to life.” -- Terri Schiavo, victim of judicial activism

Now available for the low low low price of ONLY $350 MILLION in corporate campaign contributions!

The Fristco Filibuster-Buster ™ comes with a lifetime appointment guarantee.

This product is not available in stores. Call (202) 224-3344 to order yours today!


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