Friday, April 21, 2006

Computer Sciences Corp Visits the WitList


Blogger Blue Gal said...

Ah, I take it those boys are from Langley?

10:42 PM  
Anonymous Bill said...

Dan, I'll bite. Who is CSC?

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Dan Keldsen said...

CSC, or Computer Sciences Corporation does work with the federal government, but isn't a part of it. They are a large integrator and IT outsourcer, and while I'm sure there are many CSC employees who work with DHS, the FBI, CIA, NSA and such, I doubt they're in cahoots to watch your site.

And besides, what with google hacking, and cached info, they wouldn't have to visit your site (or anyone else's) directly, in any case.

BTW - great stuff otherwise, I'm not saying I trust the government, let alone anyone else, but in this case, I'd warrant it's much to do about nothing.

11:31 AM  

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