Monday, July 14, 2008

New Yorker Rejects Alternate Obama Cartoons

The WitList has learned that the recent New Yorker cover featuring a turban'd Obama/Osama and Michelle Obama dressed as Angela Davis was only one of several cover options consideredfor the issue. NYer editor David Remnick apparently rejected several other concepts, including:

* Barack Obama eating watermelon and grinning in front of a background featuring a pregnant barefoot Michelle Obama and her 13 illegitimate children.

* Barack as a ghetto homeboy smoking crack while Michelle turns $5 tricks on the street corner.

* Barack as Sammy Davis Jr., shucking and jiving with Richard Nixon at the White House, while Michelle (dressed as Pearl Bailey) sings "Hello Dolly."

* Barack as Jimmy "dy-no-mite" Walker and Michelle as Louise "weezie" Jefferson on their way to cash in some food stamps for a couple of 40s.

Editor Remnick rejected these cartoons as "not funny or stereotypical enough." Next up for the New Yorker cover: Photos of anacondas devouring new born babies. "They're a scream," says Remnick.


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