Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Remember, God is Listening

So today, in my email, I get a press release from One Christian Voice, a nationwide telecom dedicated to spreading Jesus' love and cheap long distance service to every heathen in the land. This particular bit of drivel was about how popular the service is in New York, of all places. (Well, I guess they know where all the sinners are.)

Aside from cut-rate service and the fact that 20% of your monthly bill goes to Christian-based charities, every subscriber gets a free three-minute sermon "from top Christian leaders" delivered to his voice or email inbox every blessed day. Praise the Lord!

But these folks aren't content to preach to the choir. They want their subscribers to spread the word to everyone. This is from their About Us page:

The value of these messages is twofold: first, they support a national Christian effort to promote a consistent daily “Quiet Time” where a Christian deepens his relationship with God through Biblical reflection and study; and second using technology to spread God’s word by Christian Media subscribers forwarding the voice messages to non-subscribers’ email accounts so that even the most introverted of Christians can blossom in their faith, become evangelists, and pursue the Great Commission of spreading the Word to the world.
In their defense, at least they're upfront about their agenda. It's not like opening a desk drawer at the Marriott Hotel and being shocked to find the Book of Mormon waiting for you. So you know to say "Hell no!" when they ask you to sign up. (At least, that's what I'd say.)

Oh yeah: The site's FAQ page is blank. Apparently subscribers feel no need to ask questions or, more likely, when they have questions they know WHO to ask.


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