Monday, June 27, 2005

Corrections to "Rove Responds to Critics"

Gentle Readers:

Due to irregularities in the editing process, the previous entry, "Rove Responds to Critics," contained several errors of omission and commission that may have offended the delicate sensibilities of our readers. We would like to take the opportunity to correct the entry at this time.

The sentence that begins "We crap bigger than the Democrats ".... should in fact have said "We do crafts better than the Democrats." Similarly, the phrase "The Democrats can kiss my ass" should be corrected to read "The Democrats can blow me....a kiss."

The words "...exceedingly well hung" should read "...exceedingly well padded."

Where the words "sex" or "have sex" appear, the phrase should be amended to "baking cookies."

Finally, the sentence that reads "So being trussed up with pantyhose and crying out ‘Spank me daddy, spank me!’ is not sex".... should be changed to read "So being trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey and crying out 'Stuff me, daddy, stuff me' is not baking cookies."

The WitList regrets the errors.


Anonymous Gerhard said...

Trying to be ironical on us, are you?
To get this clear: I don't mind how much and in which way you talk about sex and turds, deny the existence of any god if you like.
But I thought this column was supposed to be intelligent, and thus I say that the blunt word simply won't fit.

2:23 AM  
Blogger dt said...

Ironical? Moi? Heaven forfend. But I suspect the humor (and the point) got lost in transit over the Atlantic.

I usually don't like to explain the basis for my satire, but here's the point: the Bush administration responds to the disaster in Iraq by saying, essentially, "well, we're more manly than the democrats." it's the same strategy they used in the election, and Rove was the likely architect of it. (the fact he felt the need to 'remind' people of this is a sign of how desperate they must be.) so my column took that theme and ran with it. and the way I run with this sort of thing is to exaggerate the blunt nature of it -- hence the references to crapping big (think jack palance in 'city slickers') and wild sex (just because rove is surely a kinky motherfucker, doughy though he is). here, I think, the blunt word does fit. obviously you may disagree.

8:36 AM  

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