Friday, September 08, 2006

A Letter to Bob Iger, CEO, Disney

Dear Bob:

First, I want to say thanks for deciding to air "The Path to 9/11" on the ABC network this weekend. It's a rare opportunity to see Disney's political bias out in the open. Usually when major US corporations attempt to manipulate the political process to their advantage they do it more covertly. I'm glad to see you guys wearing your politics on your sleeves.

It isn't every day a major television network takes the most horrific event in the past 50 years and fictionalizes it for the benefit of its friends in the White House. How brave of you. How patriotic.

I'm sure it will be highly educational for all of the schoolchildren you've co-opted into watching with the help of Scholastic. I haven't seen such a smooth effort to influence our nation's children since RJ Reynolds introduced Joe Camel and put him on billboards outside elementary schools. Nice work.

Thanks also for deciding to run the show without commercial interruption, making it impossible for those misguided few who disagree with the program to boycott its sponsors. I understand the show will cost $40 million. I'm sure the grieving families of the 2,973 Americans who died on that day will appreciate Disney's sacrifice.

I also want to thank you for making my life easier. No longer will I have to worry about watching ABC programs (not that I watched many to begin with) or buying Disney products. Frankly, the movies and TV shows mostly suck, though I will miss Pixar and The Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

I won't have to write about Disney products. No more casual references to "Desperate Housewives," no reviews of Disney phones, MP3 players, computers, games, etc. in the stories I write for national magazines and Websites. My life will be blissfully Disney free.

Best of all, I no longer have to go to Disneyworld! Thank the Lord. My kids will be upset, but they'll get over it eventually. And I'll save thousands of dollars that I can put toward my children's education. Maybe they'll learn how to tell fact from fiction, or how to recognize when someone is lying to them for their own selfish ends. That would be yet another good thing that comes out of your program. And again, I'll have you to thank for it.


Dan Tynan
Former customer


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