Monday, March 20, 2006

Media Fails to See Sunni Side of Iraq War

Coverage full of Shiite, says scholar

20 March 2006

WASHINGTON, DC -- American media outlets have painted an unnecessarily dim portrait of the war in Iraq, says P. Cyrus Bloman, senior research fellow at The Bowtie Institute.

By focusing on casualties and the failure to make any real progress during the past three years, the media has failed to recognize the many positive things the war has wrought, says Bloman, a specialist at the DC-based conservative think tank.

Bloman points to the following examples:

  • Thanks to food shortages, Iraqis have lost a collective 1.8 billion pounds (800 million kilograms) since the beginning of the war, far exceeding the total of that Jared guy from the Subway commercials.

  • With most of the country still without power, Iraq has been able to reduce its dependence on foreign oil to practically nothing.

  • During their recent parliamentary elections, Iraqis endured less voter fraud than anyone living in Ohio or Florida.

  • After protracted negotiations, the United States' Navy succeeded in obtaining a full refund for the "Mission Accomplished" poster that was draped across the USS Abraham Lincoln in May 2003. As a goodwill gesture, the White House agreed to pay for dry cleaning the president's flight suit, which became soiled as his plane touched down upon the carrier deck.

"The mark of any truly great war is its longevity, and we need to start thinking about Iraq as a Great War," says Bloman. "We've already blown past The War of 1812, the Mexican and Spanish Wars, World War I, the Korean Conflict, and the first Gulf War, and I am confident we'll overtake WWII and the American Civil War before the year is out. That would leave just the Revolutionary War and Vietnam in front of us."

Even Iraqi's turn toward a sectarian civil war plays to our strengths, Bloman explained.

"Americans know what it takes to win a civil war," he says. "We also know what it takes to lose one. That gives us twice as much experience with it as any other country."

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